Logo Design

Finally Yahoo just roll out their new logo after their 29 ‘daily logos’.   Watch the craft behind their logo in this video below.     Yahoo old and new logo   Yahoo Finally Unveils its New Logo, on Mashable Yahoo rolls out its new logo, on CNN This is Yahoo’s brand new logo, on [...]

Have you ever questioned yourself why there is a bite on apple logo? What is the purpose of it?     According to the graphic designer who designed the logo, Rob Janoff, the bite was implemented so people would recognize that as an apple instead of berry.   When I ask Erik Spiekermann on what are [...]

How do we know this logo is not going to look outdated for the next 40 or 50 years? Is there really a guide on creating timeless logo?   Below are the famous logo that still looks good after at least 20 years. I’ve spend weeks studying the similarity between the logo to find out what [...]

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