Why There is a Bite on Apple Logo? What Can We Learn From That?

Have you ever questioned yourself why there is a bite on apple logo? What is the purpose of it?




According to the graphic designer who designed the logo, Rob Janoff, the bite was implemented so people would recognize that as an apple instead of berry.


When I ask Erik Spiekermann on what are the basic principle that he apply in every of his design. He quoted “Make it work” 


Which I think Rob Janoff translate this quote very well. You want to make your design looks good, but you have to make your design functionable at the same time as well.


The first Apple logo last for only a year before Steve Job hired Rob Janoff for a new logo. Which I think it is a smart move where the first logo is too complicated.


Remember the principle of creating logo? Make it simple enough so people will get an instant recognition.


When Steve Job returned after being axed, another new logo was introduced. The rainbow color logo was dropped and a monochrome logo was introduced that you see today.


I believe that’s another smart move from Apple because I think the monochrome apple logo match the new redesigned apple product very well when the logo implemented on apple product.


Look how apple products looks like with the first and second logo in the image below.


apple-logo-bite apple-first-logo

Apple first logo on the left, second logo on the right.


As the first logo contain too much complicated detail, I can’t even recognise the logo when the logo is scaled down.


The rainbow logo have much more visibility when scaled down, however, the color combination of the logo doesn’t really compliment much with apple product.


Here is another interesting apple logo ratio I found somewhere in the internet.



What are your thoughts on the first and second logo? Do you think it’s a smart move to redesign the first and second logo? Share with me in the comment box below!