Logo Design Guide : 14 Rules on Creating Timeless Logo

How do we know this logo is not going to look outdated for the next 40 or 50 years? Is there really a guide on creating timeless logo?


Below are the famous logo that still looks good after at least 20 years. I’ve spend weeks studying the similarity between the logo to find out what makes the logo timeless.




Did you found anything? Here is what I found…


  • Less than 3 Color
  • No fancy font
  • No special effects
  • Simple shape
  • Easy to recognise
  • No complicated graphic elements
  • No gradient
  • No clipart
  • A logo that suits the company positioning
  • Logo is still visible when scale down
  • Solve a problem (to enhance the impact of Armani Exchange Logo, a rectangle box is added as background)
  • Not using image as logo
  • No trendy element
  • And the last one, simple.


I believe these are the basic must have on every piece of logo which I think you already know. Keep one thing in mind when in doubt, the function of a logo is to let people get an instant recognition. Make it simple enough for people to recognise your logo and remove any unnecessary graphic element.


Now Back to You

Do you find any similarity between the timeless logo above? Let me know in the comment box below.


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