Logo Design

Ever wonder what is the creature on Starbucks logo? What are those things that the creature is holding? There is a little bit confusion wether its a mermaid or a siren. People always debate about this. Well, in the research that I’ve done, they are typically called Sirens-both half-bird/half fish while the half-fish-half-women are called [...]

Have you seen the first Pizza Hut before? The first Pizza Hut emblem appeared on the signage on the first store of Pizza Hut in 1958. The logo was formed with a simple sans serif typeface on that time. They choose the name “Pizza Hut” because the spaces on the signage are very limited. Only [...]

The dots on Dominos Pizza logo symbolize the first three Domino’s store. The plan was adding each dot for every new store, however, this idea was impractical as the spaces for adding the dots was limited.   Imagine Dominos Pizza opened their 20th store and that idea was still in practice. Full of dots!   [...]

Burger King logo remain almost what it used to look like after operating for more than 50years. In 1953, Burger King was named as Insta-Burger-King instead of Burger King and the logo incorporate with images of a king with a crown holding a drinks sitting on a burger as seen below. This logo is quite [...]

The first Air Jordan Logo was actually designed by Nike Head Designer, Peter Moore. The basketball was surrounded with wings as you can see in the pictures below.     Soon, Air Jordan 1 was introduced after the first logo was born. Nike signed Jordan a $2.5 million deal for 5 years. However, NBA banned [...]

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