Here is the Burger King Logo That You Never Seen Before

Burger King logo remain almost what it used to look like after operating for more than 50years. In 1953, Burger King was named as Insta-Burger-King instead of Burger King and the logo incorporate with images of a king with a crown holding a drinks sitting on a burger as seen below.


This logo is quite direct as you can see the logo reflect the name of the company, burger and the King. I am surprise this is their first logo. So vintage.


In 1967, the logo with red Burger King letter covered between two bun halves was born. I like the color combination of the logo. It is friendly and capture the food culture of youth.



The old logo was replaced by the new swirl logo in 1999. The interesting part of this logo is the color. The combination of burgundy, yellowish orange and a deep blue color attract my eyer straight away. This lively color capture the youth fast food culture well.


The blue color swirl appear on the logo makes the logo looks balanced and confident. I like the contrast of the word “Burger king” which the “King” is slightly bigger than “burger” makes this logo appear more friendly and easy to approach.




To have a professional brand position, designer will usually used all caps typeface to capture the corporate and professional element. But this logo, the red color all caps typeface didn’t bring out any serious message which makes me wonder. Maybe is the curve on the edge of each letters tone down the serious message.


I like the highlight on the two bun halves, it looks fresh and clean. With all the combination of colors, swirl, bun halves and the typeface, I think this logo has done well and could remain for a long period of time.