The Secret Message Behind Baskin Robbins Logo That You Don’t Know

Do you know what is the secret message behind Basking Robbins logo? Baskin Robbins was born in 1945 founded by Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins.


Wonder where the name Baskin Robbins was derived from? Look at the founders name and you will know why they name it that way.


Before Baskin Robbin was born, both of the founders have their own individual ice cream business before they merge. Burt Baskin who owned Ice Cream Shop and Irv Robbins owned Snowbird Ice Cream merge their individual business in 1953 and the idea of 21 flavours from Snowbird Ice Cream was extended to 31 flavours after the merge.


The 31 flavours idea came from an advertising company known as Ogilvy & Mather in 1953. As part of advertising campaign, Amy Boggioni with his team finished their 1 scoop of all 31 flavors in 31 minutes.


In this 31 flavors strategy, Baskin Robbins has incorporated the number 31 in their new logo. As you can see below the pink color “3” and “1” was placed in the words between “B” and “R”. Although Baskin Robbins has surpassed the 31 flavors, this logo is still in use. Maybe they will change their marketing strategy again?


Did you know…

As part of promotion, Baskin Robbins Malaysia was giving a 31% of discount on every ice cream on every 31st in any given month. As I know another promotion in Malaysia was called “Pink day”, where you can buy the ice cream in a cheaper price. Well I am not sure this promotion is still ongoing.



Basically you will be given discount if you bring an item with the color of pink, either is your phone, your clothes, bags, your undies, whatever is in pink. This promotion only work on every Wednesday. Please correct me if I am wrong.

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