The Revolution of Coca-Cola Logo and The History of the Bottle

Did you believe that Coca-Cola logo was designed by a book keeper? You have to believe that. Frank Mason Robinson is the guy who designed this logo in 1885, while John Pemberton, a pharmacist, is the guy who invented Coca-Cola.


It was Robinson idea to came up with the name and the cursive script on the logo, as known as Spencerian script. This logo has become most recognizable logo in the world. Now, you and I know a good logo can be done by a book keeper.


Let’s move on with the design of the bottle. The contour bottle design was born when Coca-Cola company launch a competition and won by Earl R.Dean.




The brief of this competition is to create a bottle for beverage that would stand out from the competitors beverage bottles.


Dean come out with an idea to make the bottle like a gourd shaped cocoa pod. In 1916, Dean contour bottle was chosen for the entries and went on market on the same year.


In 1886, Pemberton invented a non-alcoholic version of French Wine Coca, inspired by the success of Vin Mariani, an european coca wine.


The purpose of Coca-Cola invented was actually served as ‘patent medicine’ for five cent a glass and it went for sales for the first time at Jacob’s Pharmacy in Atlanta, Georgia, US. It went so popular that people believe this carbonated water was good for health.


After Coca-Cola went for sale, Pemberton come out with an idea to advertise Coca-Cola by giving away thousands of free drink coupons and sticking banners on streetcar in Atlanta to promote the brand. This advertising method paid off and the popularity of Coca-Cola went up hiking.



In 1892, Coca-Cola formula and brand were bought by Asa Candler that led Coca-Cola dominate the world of soft drinks market throughout 20th century.

Coca-Cola Logo Revolution



Now have a look at this bottle, which one have you own it?


What do you think about Coca-Cola logo? Love it? or Hate it?