The Secret Dots on Dominos Pizza Logo


The dots on Dominos Pizza logo symbolize the first three Domino’s store. The plan was adding each dot for every new store, however, this idea was impractical as the spaces for adding the dots was limited.


Imagine Dominos Pizza opened their 20th store and that idea was still in practice. Full of dots!


On the first thought when I saw the dots on Dominos pizza emblem was three sliced of ham laying on top of the pizza, and I am wrong.


How They Started Dominos Pizza…

The two brothers, Tom Monaghan and James, founded dominos Pizza in 1960. In the early days they purchased a small pizza store in Ypsilanti, Michigan.


Tom Monaghan flipping the pizza dough.


They borrowed $500 with a $75 down payment to take over the store. On that time, the store was named as “Dominick’s Pizza”, however, the name was changed to Dominos Pizza after James traded half of the share with his old Volkswagen Beetles to Tom in 1965.


After the first franchise store opened in Ypsilanti in 1967, the idea by adding each dot for every store was introduced.


As I said before this idea become impractical as Domino’s experience a rapid growth and by 1978, Domino’s Pizza opened their 200th store. Do you want to see 200 dots in a logo?


In 1988, Tom was retired and sold Dominos Pizza for nearly 1 billion dollars to Bain Capital, Inc.


Before Tom was retired, Dominos Pizza opened their first international store in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in 1983. On the same year, Dominos Pizza celebrates its 1000th store.


Today, Dominos Pizza opened over 8000 franchise including over 3000 international stores and over 5000 stores in the US. Dominos Pizza is the second largest franchise pizza chain in the US.


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