The First Pizza Hut logo, I Bet You Never Seen it Before


Have you seen the first Pizza Hut before? The first Pizza Hut emblem appeared on the signage on the first store of Pizza Hut in 1958. The logo was formed with a simple sans serif typeface on that time. They choose the name “Pizza Hut” because the spaces on the signage are very limited. Only nine characters were allowed to apply on the signage.

The Pizza Hut Roof

Pizza-hut-logo-mansard-roofSoon, Pizza Hut met their competitor, Shakey’s Pizza, a chain that was expanding on west coast on that time. The founder’s of Pizza Hut decided to build an standard image for their company. They contacted an architect, Richard D. Burke from Wichita to design mansard roof shape for their store to make them stand out from their competitor.

 Pizza Hut Emblem in 1967


Above is the Pizza Hut logo that use in 1967-1999. Many stores that open earlier 1965 have replaced their old logo to the new one.

The Pasta Hut Logo


Aboce is the Pasta Hut logo, this logo was born in 2008 when Pizza Hut start to offer pasta items on their menu. In October 2008, Pizza Hut in UK announces to temporarily change their name to Pasta Hut instead of Pizza Hut as part of promotion of Pizza Hut healthier menu. This promotion ended on 19 January 2009.

The Logo In UK and Southeast Asian


Above is the new Pizza Hut logo that use in Southeast Asia and United Kingdom. You can see this logo on UK Pizza Hut official website.


Below is the official emblem that we often seen.


Did you know…

The two brothers Dan Carney and Frank Carney was the founder of Pizza Hut. They borrowed $600 from their mum and start their business?


Today Pizza Hut has more than 6000 Pizza Hut restaurants in US and 5600 restaurants located in 94 other countries. All started from the $600 from their mum.