Pepsi Logo Revolution, You Have to See the First One


Did you know who designed pepsi logo? The logo was designed by the founder itself, Caleb Bradham. Today, pepsi is one of the biggest soft drinks company in the world.

Pepsi logo had went through various times of redesign as well as their slogan. Pepsi current logo remained the color from the previous logo, red and blue, but the wave was distort into a curvier wave. The current font on the logo was replaced by light weight minimal font with low caps instead of all caps.

At the first glance on the new logo, I don’t really feel comfortable on the logo. But a few months later, after a few glance again on the logo, I got different perspective towards the new logo of pepsi. It looks good! The circle on the 2005 logo has changed to an flat 2D circle on the logo.

This makes the logo looks more corporate, solid and confidence with a suitable friendly low caps. I believe this logo would stay for a long period of time.

The First Logo


Lets go back to the previous pepsi logo design when it first started the company. Pepsi was named as “Brad’s Drink” in 1883 but changed to pepsi cola due to the ingredients in recipe. The logo with the name “pepsi cola” is visible in the 1898 and was trademarked in 1903.


The name on the logo “pepsi cola” has become bolder and bolder from 1898 to 1940. The logo on 1940 looks cleaner and minimalistic than the year before.

Why Pepsi Add Blue Color on the Logo?


To support the country efforts in WWII, Pepsi had a blue, red and white color on the logo. Since then pepsi become so popular and the logo with a bottle cap in year 1950 and 1962 has become the important identity for pepsi company.


During the 60s, the logo become even more popular when the script was change to a bold all caps typeface overlapping the bottle cap. For me, the color and typeface placed awkwardly. I think the typeface doesn’t harmonized with the bottle cap.



The logo in 1973, the typeface was made smaller and fit in the globe with blue color boarder on the left and red color border on the right covering the logo. I quite like this version as it looks much more simple.



In 1991, the letter “pepsi” was was moved from the globe and placed on top of the globe with a red color bar under the the letter.



In 1998, the background was replaced with blue color. The 3D globe appear to be larger and placed under the white color typeface.



As you can see, the company is more focus on the globe than the typeface after the 1991 logo. The globe appears a lot larger than the typeface on the 2003 logo, with a weird effect as a background. This might look good on the packaging, but not on a logo itself.

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