The Secret Arches on McDonalds Logo

What is McDonald’s logo stand for? You must be wondering. McDonald’s is one of the most popular fast food chain in this planet I would say, founded by Richard (Dick), Maurice (Mac) and Roy Kroc. The arches was introduced in 1953 when Dick and Mac build a new outlet in Phoenix, Arizona.


The architect, Stanley Meston designed a walk-up stand with red and white tiles and an unique slopped roof the new outlet of McDonald’s. But later Dick McDonald come out with an idea by sketch a pair of stylized yellow arches on each side of the outlet.


Meston reject the idea of arches. After the rejection, a sign maker, George Dexter was hired to build the arches. The arches resemble the letter of “M” when viewed from a different angle. Later this become the concept of the logo.



Fred Turner, who sketch the stylized “V” but the company head of engineering and design, Jim Schindler extended the “V” into a “M” base on the arches concept of McDonald’s outlet when viewed from an angle with a vectorized trapezoid roof as background.


The logo was born in 1962 then. The word “McDonald’s” was later added in 1968. I am quite impressed that the logo idea was born from architecture. The color combination of yellow and red is so impact that you can still recognize the brand base on color.

The Green McDonald


The logo with green colored background is part of a respond from McDonald’s toward a greener society. They launch an energy efficiency project which all their outlet will transformed into a theme of green.


Interesting Fact McDonald in Canada


One of the interesting fact as you can see is the McDonald’s logo in Canada. There is a Maple leaves in between the arches logo.


I think McDonald’s logo is a great logo that has the logo flexibility to incorporate with any purpose of advertising message without losing the identity. Besides, the colors usage of the logo catch my attention to recognize the brand easily.