This is How Krispy Kreme Logo Looks like 70 Years Ago



Krispy Kreme logo was born in 1937, so does their company. What surprised me is that Krispy Kreme emblem hasn’t changed a bit since it was born. It’s been over 70 years, this timeless logo haven’t went through any design changes.

A local architect, Benny Dinkins, designed Krispy Creme emblem. You might ask what is the fonts that apply on Krispy Kereme emblem. It was said that Krispy Kreme font is a modified version of FreeHand 521. Where you can see the font here.

The First Logo


Below is the Krispy Kreme delivery truck around 1939. As you can see the logo appeared on the truck is the same logo that we see today. Krispy Kreme emblem also refers as “Bowtie logo” because of the shape that served as background for the logo.

This “KK” logo can be seen in the early days, I wonder why there are two logos appeared on the same time. Hopefully if anyone can answer me.



Did you know…

The secret yeast-raise doughnut recipe was actually bought from a French chef in New Orleans in 1933. Vernon Rudolph (founder of Krispy Kreme), begin selling Krispy Kreme doughnut on July 13, 1937 to local grocery stores and sell directly to customer.

His business start after he rented a building that is now historic Old Salem in Winston-Salem, NC. Before he bought the building, he used to deliver his doughnut by bicycle.

A few chain businesses were born after the business went well. Each store made their doughnuts from scratch, this cause the taste of the doughnuts not consistence enough. Soon Rudolph and his engineer invented the equipment to solve this problem.

Slowly, his business went well and by 1960s, Krispy Kreme was well known throughout the Southeaster United States. Today Krispy Kreme is selling their doughnuts worldwide.

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