Below are the resource that I wish I know when I just graduated. Hopefully this will help you to be a better graphic designer.   Remember to bookmark this page for future reference. Job Hunting What Employers Are Looking For? How to Negotiate Your Design Salary Cv Tips For Graphic Designers Is it Fair To [...]

Did you know who designed pepsi logo? The logo was designed by the founder itself, Caleb Bradham. Today, pepsi is one of the biggest soft drinks company in the world. Pepsi logo had went through various times of redesign as well as their slogan. Pepsi current logo remained the color from the previous logo, red [...]

What is McDonald’s logo stand for? You must be wondering. McDonald’s is one of the most popular fast food chain in this planet I would say, founded by Richard (Dick), Maurice (Mac) and Roy Kroc. The arches was introduced in 1953 when Dick and Mac build a new outlet in Phoenix, Arizona. The architect, Stanley [...]

  Krispy Kreme logo was born in 1937, so does their company. What surprised me is that Krispy Kreme emblem hasn’t changed a bit since it was born. It’s been over 70 years, this timeless logo haven’t went through any design changes. A local architect, Benny Dinkins, designed Krispy Creme emblem. You might ask what [...]

  The first logo in 1952. Who is that man in KFC logo I wondered. In the research that I’ve done, the man appeared on the KFC emblem is actually the founder itself, Hartland Sanders, aka Colonel Sanders. The first iconic KFC emblem was born in 1952 designed by Lippincot & Margulies, a New York [...]

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