Logo Design

The iconic Chicago Bulls logo is a red bull’s face with an angry expression with the horns tipped with blood. Theodore “Ted” W.Drake, is the designer for the Chicago Bulls emblem. He is an American cartoonist, graphic artist, and sports artist for his two iconic creations, the Notre Dame Leprechaun and the Chicago Bulls logo. [...]

Xerox Logo Evolution

Have you seen the very first Xerox logo before? In the early days, Xerox was founded in 1906 as The Haloid Photographic Company, manufactured photographic paper and equipment. The name was changed to “Haloid Xerox” in 1958 followed by “Xerox” in 1961. Haloid logo in 1906 The Haloid Company Logo in 1937 Xerox logo in [...]

Ups emblem in 1919   Have you seen the first UPS logo before? The first UPS logo was born in 1919. Before this logo was born, UPS was named as American Messenger Company in the early days. On that time, delivery was delivered by foot for shorter trip and bicycle for a longer trip.  Ups [...]

Who Designed Recycle Logo?

We can see recycle logo everywhere nowadays either on a plastic bag, boxes, bottles, glasses, magazines and many more, you name it. But did you really know who designed this recycle emblem? Have you ever thought of it? How the Logo is Born This recycle emblem was born in a competition. The story goes like [...]

  The original drawing of the rabbit.   The world famous Playboy logo. Do you know who is the designer behind this logo?   Art Paul, an American graphics designer designed this bunny logo. He was working as a freelance graphic designer in 1953 and contacted by Hugh Hefner, Playboy founder, who need a logo [...]

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