Who Designed the Iconic Playboy Logo?



The original drawing of the rabbit.


The world famous Playboy logo. Do you know who is the designer behind this logo?


Art Paul, an American graphics designer designed this bunny logo. He was working as a freelance graphic designer in 1953 and contacted by Hugh Hefner, Playboy founder, who need a logo for his magazine.


Paul designed not only the iconic bunny wearing a tuxedo bow tie, he also designed the first edition of the magazine. Since then Paul was hired by Hefner as Playboy first art director in 1954.


The first issue of Playboy magazine


The bunny logo was used in the second issue of Plaboy magazine. Rolling Stone Magazine named Playboy emblem as one of the 8 best logo over the past 35 years.


Why rabbit? Why Tuxedo Bow Tie?


When you ask this question to the founder. Hugh Hefner, he would say

“I selected a rabbit as the symbol for the magazine because of the humorous sexual connotation, and because he offered an image that was frisky and playful. I put him in a tuxedo to add the idea of sophistication. there was another editorial consideration, too. since both ‘the new yorker’ and ‘esquire’ use men as their symbols, I felt the rabbit would be distinctive; and the notion of a rabbit dressed up in formal evening attire struck me as charming, amusing and right.”


Did You know…

Playboy logo was  so well known that a reader try to send “Playboy” a letter and with the logo as the only address, and guess what, Playboy was able received the letter.


Playboy intended to name their magazine as Stag Party, but a magazine named Stag approach Hugh Hefner and warned them not to use a similar name on their magazine.


Playboy was born with $1000 loan from Hugh Hefner mother.