Who Designed Recycle Logo?


We can see recycle logo everywhere nowadays either on a plastic bag, boxes, bottles, glasses, magazines and many more, you name it. But did you really know who designed this recycle emblem? Have you ever thought of it?

How the Logo is Born

This recycle emblem was born in a competition. The story goes like this, the first Earth Day was celebrated in April 1970, creating awareness and environmental conscious as they realize the world was badly polluted.


A logo design contest was held on the Earth Day event. This contest holds by a graphic designer in Container Corporation of America (CCA), Bill Loyd. This contest was open to all design students at high schools and colleges across the country to boost up the awareness of environmental issue.


This contest attracted more than 500 talented students to participate in this contest across the country. This contest was judge by prominent judges at International Design Conference in Aspen, Colorado.




Gray Anderson on the right


This contest won by Gray Anderson, with the prize of $2500 tuition grant for any further study at any college or university in the world. Grey Anderson is a 23 years old college student at University of Southern California at that time.

The Recycle Emblem Inspirationrecycle-logo-Mobius-Strip

This logo was concept of Mobius strip as a combination of finite and infinite. In his original design, CCA make a slight change on his logo to make it more Omph!


Anderson draws the logo by hand with pink and ink on that time as computer technology is not that functional in the early days.


The three arrows on the logo represent Reuse, Reduce and Recycle.

Gray Anderson Today


Of course he is having a good life, he has won numerous academic and professional awards for his projects. He now hold a position as board of directors of 1000 Friends of Maryland, a manage growth advocacy group.


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