Xerox Logo Evolution

Have you seen the very first Xerox logo before? In the early days, Xerox was founded in 1906 as The Haloid Photographic Company, manufactured photographic paper and equipment. The name was changed to “Haloid Xerox” in 1958 followed by “Xerox” in 1961.

Haloid logo in 1906


The Haloid Company Logo in 1937


Xerox logo in 1948


Xerox emblem in 1949


In 1957, Xerox and Haloid Combined



Xerox logo in 1961


In 1961, Xerox emblem went through a design changes. This logo was designed by Lippincott, a global brand strategy and design consultancy base in Boston, US.

 Xerox in 1968


In 1968, a branding company called Chermayeff & Geismar was hired to redesign the logo.



Do you remember this “X” logo? This digitized “X” logo was designed by Landor in 1994.


The words “The Document Company” appeared on Xerox emblem in 1994 designed by Chermayeff & Geismar.



Small changes were made on the logo in 2002 as the word “Xerox” appeared bigger.



2 years after, that is 2004, the words “The Document Company” was taken out from the logo and left only the word “Xerox”



In 2008, Xerox decide to change their logo, again was redesigned by Chermayeff & Geismar. The new lower case on the word “Xerox” along side with a “X” sphere represent Xerox’s connections to their customers, partners, industries and innovation. This designed was made to be more effectively animated for use in multi-media platform.


Ursula Burns, the president of Xerox explain, “Our brand is one of our most prized assets and the value it brings to our business is immeasurable.


Our customers, our employees and our shareholders connect the most with what the brand stands for — quality, innovation, customer-focus and a values-rich culture.


Today, we’re strengthening all our attributes and giving our brand a contemporary look that is more relevant for business today – a bit less formal, a lot more lively with links to our heritage and a nod to the future.”


For me it looks like a modified version of Xbox logo, and a typeface from Kodak logo. Why is that the logo was designed for use in multi media platform? Xerox Company did nothing with animation. What do you think about the new Xerox logo?