Design Principle

When you look your kids drawing or any doodle that you created when you was a kid, don’t you find something interesting in that three eyes monster?   Or a car with 20 feet long human legs to avoid traffic congestion?   Or a man with triple biceps so they can team up with Popeye  [...]

  I hope this manifesto that I design will give you an inspiration boost! I hope you can be part of this mission to share this manifesto out and inspire more people.   There will be more post to come that will help you to be a better designer. Enter your email below and I [...]

I recently asked 5 of my favorite designers including Milton Glaser, David Airey, Erik Spiekermann, Jacob Cass and Pablo Impallari about their thought on basic design principles.   I receive very interesting answer from them and I can’t wait to share with you in this post, carry on reading.   Below is the question I asked.   “What basic [...]

“Work out the way how you are least like the competition” – Bernadette Jiwa, Make Your Idea Matter.   We all want to be different from competitor don’t we? But there is one hard question to answer  you ask yourself, “how do I make myself difference from the competition?”   I spend months struggling to find the [...]

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