Design Principle

Prevention is better than cure. Spotting red flag client can be confusing. Even experience professional designer sometimes will miss their judgment between good client and bad client.   Here are a few of the client I often avoid. The Poor Communicator I’ve met client where she combine a 10 sentences email into one sentence paragraph [...]

Typography history is long and complicated. You might spend weeks in library but still ended up confusing. Thanks to designer Ben Barrett-Forrest for creating a short video explaining the history of typography that save you a lot of time in library.   This stop motion was made from 291 paper letters, 2454 photographs and 140 hours. Off [...]

If you are still using or planning to use crowd source service that you found in Google search, think again after reading this post.   Most of the time, quality from crowd source service are not professional at all. Look at the comparison below.     Go Google “logo design” and you will find out [...]

When I start designing my own portfolio, I was sitting in front of my laptop, staring blank and I ask myself…   ∙ What size is the perfect size for my portfolio? ∙ Which format should I go for? ∙ Which project should I include? ∙ Should I just throw in everything? ∙ Should I include my college project? ∙ Should [...]

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