Design Principle

Back in the day after I finish my Uni, my girlfriend, Szemun and me have made a brave decision. I’ve borrowed some money from my family and leave our hometown(Malaysia) and find a job in UK.   The unemployment rate in UK is so high on that time. I’ve read an article from the Sun [...]

This only work with business that already have existing client. If you are just started out with no client, read this article The Dummies Guide to Promote Your Business   How to get more client without promoting your Business? Yup, I am not kidding. It can be done. In fact, you already doing it you [...]

You got the skills, experience, the best tool, an aeron chair and a big desk and you need a client so you can get your hands on interesting project. But how do you find client? How do promote your freelance business and let people out there  know that you are available for hire?   There [...]

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