How to Get More Client Without Promoting Your Business

This only work with business that already have existing client. If you are just started out with no client, read this article The Dummies Guide to Promote Your Business


How to get more client without promoting your Business? Yup, I am not kidding. It can be done. In fact, you already doing it you just don’t realize it.


Most people think that using ads or distributing flyers to get more client. Which is not a bad way of getting more client.


But I think the best method is to let your customer help you to promote your business.




By providing the best value of service or product to your current customer. People often recommend to their friends or family if you provide them a good and impressive service or product, and this will lead to word of mouth.


People often trust recommendation from what other people had experience before. I believe you had this experience before, just like you went to a Mexican restaurant after your friends recommend it to you.


It is free advertising.


“According to the 2012 Freelance Industry Report, 23.8 percent of freelancer relied on referrals and 23.8 percent used word of mouth. Personal and professional networks account for how 16.9 percent of freelancers hunting for jobs while 6.4 percent use online job boards, 6.2 percent use networking, 2.8 percent used social media, 1.8 percent use paid directories, and just 1.7 used cold calling. Other methods include search engine optimization, direct mail,, blogging, newsletter, books, public speaking, and article marketing.”


-The 2012 Freelance Industry Report



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