The Dummies Guide to Promote Your Business

You got the skills, experience, the best tool, an aeron chair and a big desk and you need a client so you can get your hands on interesting project. But how do you find client? How do promote your freelance business and let people out there  know that you are available for hire?


There are a few methods that I find useful and I want to share it with you here. Nothing fancy or complicated, just a few traditional method that still work for me today. Keep on reading.


Family and Friends

Let everyone including your family members and friends know what you are doing.


But, I won’t suggest you to call your 200 friends in your contact and tell them what you are available for hire. That’s really awkward! Especially with your friend that you don’t seems really close with.


Instead, post some of your artwork on your Facebook. If you worry people are still confused on what you did, write a few descriptions along with your artwork describing the details of the project.


I think it’s quite effective and save you a lot of time. It could even went viral in a few second. Personally, this would be the best if you want to spread it fast.


Focus on Current Client

I am not sure if I realize this myself or I’ve read an article saying “focus on current client will lead you to more client.”


People will automatically promote your business by word of mouth If your product or service is good. People tend to believe on what people had experience before.


Just like you tell the whole world on Facebook when you had one really nice steak in a restaurant. You actually advertising for free for the restaurant.


This actually happen to me, I was looking for a suit maker in Malaysia and there are plenty of them out there. But in the end I still go for the one that people recommend me.


That Suitmaker (Ah Lock) put so much effort on me. The result of the suit is more than satisfying. Now whenever people ask me where is the best suitmaker in town, I will definitely recommend Ah Lock.


I believe you had this experience before where you recommend your friend on what you had experience before.


Spending too much time on promoting your business and neglecting your current client need is not a good practice.


Focus on current client to get more clients.



Instead of cold call why not send them some freebies. Although cold call is cheaper and faster, but I find it less effective. They will forget everything you told them once they hung up the phone.


At least your freebies on their desk will make them remind of you. This is what I heard the most on a phone conversation when people trying to make cold call. “Nope, not interested at the moment, thanks for calling.” Oops.


If you have a product, send them your product. If your product is a services like me, you can send them a brochure to let them know about your service.


The point sending the freebies is that you are trying to let them know your service exist, not hard selling them your product. Guide them to contact you through your freebies.



Meet people in conference and exchange business cards. Who know one day they need your help. Just like I need an illustrator. I can’t really draw like Picasso and I need an illustrator to sort this out for me. I just call the guy I just met in the conference to corporate with me.


I think conference is a great place to meet awesome people.


Your Turn

There are many other way to promote your business. Which method do you like the most? Share with me in the comment box below.

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