Milton Glaser says “Do No Harm”, Here is Why You Should Follow His Advice

Milton Glaser once mention to me when I ask him “What basic design principles that you take priority to apply in every of your design”


He says “Do no Harm”


What does he really mean?


Some designer have their own ethic to stick with. In this case, I believe Milton Glaser is telling me that he don’t get involve in a project that will effect/promote people to do something inappropriate. Such as promoting smoking campaign, promoting abortion or promoting gambling.


I think this is something we all should learn form Milton Glaser. This is a good thing to help the society.


I give you and any people out there my respect for standing up and defending for your own principle without breaking it.


I believe it is hard for you to swallow the fact that sometimes you need to give up a very lucrative project even you are struggling financially just to stick with your principle .


Grin your teeth and stick with it and you will be a better designer.


Are you the designer that “Do no Harm”?


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