Why Bad Idea is Not a Bad Idea

That is not a bad idea, you just applied on a wrong project.


When client rejects your idea, don’t crumple the idea and do a slam-dunk on the bin. Instead, open a file, name it something like “rejected project”, and keep that idea. It doesn’t suit that project but who know that idea can be perfectly apply on the next project.


Be patience.


This is a very short post where I get the idea to write this article while I am in the bathroom.


It seems like a bad idea to write an article this short.


  • It is a bad idea if this is an apologies letter for your girlfriend
  • It is bad if write my dissertation this short




It is a good idea at least this short post brings the message across to you.

There is no such things as bad idea, you just need to find the right situation and apply it.


Do you think this sounds like a good idea? The comment box below is all yours.