Welcome to Refining Designers : Why Basic Principles is so Important to Graphic Designers

I believe basic is the first place we start. No mater what you are trying to learn, you learn the basics first.


Do you remember what you have learned in your first year foundation class? Balance, draw with dots, symmetrical balance, contrast, color hue, golden ratio and you name it.


If you are a designer trying to improve your skills in terms of thinking and problem solving, this is a right place for you.


I will be sharing all the basic principles that will improve you to be a better designer.


I also believe referring to basic design principle is the best thing to do whenever you stuck in a challenge.


Welcome to Refining Designers. My name is Suree. This is a place where I will share all the tips that help me to improve myself as a graphic designer using the basic design principle and I hope it helps you too.


I love to jot down the invaluable experience I’ve learn from design basic in my A5 size notebook and I realize it is a shame to keep all my ideas in my secret notebook that nobody know.


So I decided to write it down in this blog to spread and share my ideas that will help you.


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