How to Differentiate Yourself From the Designer Next Door

“Work out the way how you are least like the competition” – Bernadette Jiwa, Make Your Idea Matter.


We all want to be different from competitor don’t we? But there is one hard question to answer  you ask yourself, “how do I make myself difference from the competition?”


I spend months struggling to find the answer. It’s a nightmare. But then, I learned from a book with the title “Make Your Idea Matter” by Bernadette Jiwa that, it’s not hard at all. Read the above quote again.


That quote really “clicked” my slow motion brain that how easy you can set a difference between you and other designers out there. In fact we already different individually.


But how do we apply in real life? Let’s jump right in for a few example.


Reject a Client

When a client need a funky rock and roll website while your style is more focus on minimalist design. What are you going to do?


Deep inside you know you are not going to give him the best rock and roll website than the designer down the road.


Do you still accept the project? While most designers or agency will just accept whatever it comes to them thinking of all in one services, this is the big chance you can make a difference.


Let your client know your design style doesn’t suit what they expected for and recommend any designer that you think is going to help them out.


You are not losing customer by doing that way, but you show that you want the best solution for their project.


This is where client will appreciate your effort and might get back to you or even recommend you to their friends.


Be Nice!

Always be nice to your client. Whatever you do, always put yourself in your client shoes first. Offer a fresh ice lemonade when they come in sweating, buy them lunch when your meeting finish on lunch time, cover them with umbrella when it’s raining, or even send them a christmas card personally to their office!


Offer something your competition don’t offer.



We are not talking about how to be difference in our Unique Selling Proposition yet, I know that’s the basics in a business.


But if you have a good USP with a fancy tagline below your logo but can’t deliver the value of it, you still going to make a difference, a bad way of difference.


That is why I think we should boils down to how to be a thoughtful designer at the first place. Here is another quote for you…


“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect – Mark Twain”


Do you want to share with me how you make yourself difference from your competitor? The comment box below is all yours.


P/S : Checkout this book I highly recommended, “Make Your Idea Matter” by Bernadette Jiwa. She is a bestselling business author and brand story strategist where you can find her sharing her thought on her blog.