4 Lesson Designer Can Learn from Kids

When you look your kids drawing or any doodle that you created when you was a kid, don’t you find something interesting in that three eyes monster?


Or a car with 20 feet long human legs to avoid traffic congestion?


Or a man with triple biceps so they can team up with Popeye  and protect his wife? Keep on reading and see what you can learn from kids.



Does sun go to sleep at night?


Asking question is a great way to understand a client’s project. It is a best way to demonstrate that you took time and passion to understand a project seriously.


So ask question curiously. I highly recommend you to have a list of question to ask your client every time before a project starts.


Think in Different Perspective

I love to pretend as superhero, wolf or any animal when I was a kid.  So how does this relate to designer? When you mimic a wolf, you think, act, walk, growl or even drink like a wolf.


So when it comes to dealing with client or anyone, think in their shoe and find out how people will react to your design before it goes live.


This can help you to find out interesting problem in different perspective. Take London Olympic logo as example, it means “2012” for me, but people in Iran read it as “Zion” which is not a good sign in their culture.


Be Inspired

My father inspire me a lot. It is a good thing if you have anyone that you admire. They inspire and motivate me to improve myself to reach their level. If they can do it, so can you.


Other than that, a poster, an art movement, a song, or even a lyrics can be your inspiration too. What inspire you?



There will be unfinished battle in my living room. When a dozen of small green soldier come attacking, batman, bumblebee, Kamen Rider and Superman will always team up and protect the innocent.


Nobody is perfect so that’s why we need a team of people to cover up each individual weakness.


Superman annihilate any air attack, Kamen Rider skillfully swing his weapon, bumblebee  transformed and ready to kick their ass and batman sneak attack is ready to kill the big bad boss.


If you have a team people working for you, does each one of them cover each other weaknesses?


What about you? What your kids have taught you? Share with me in the comment box below.