Starting a Design Business? You Don’t Want to Miss this Book

Received an Amazon parcel from Royal Mail postman in the early morning. I think you guess it right what is in the parcel base on the picture below.



David Airey’s latest book, Work for Money, Design for Love


I assume you already know who is he so I will just do a bit of introduce.


David Airey is an identity designer, author and blogger. You can find him sharing lots of useful information in his blog David Airey, Identity Designed and Logo Design Love to his 197k++ and still growing subscribers!


David launched this book last year on December 2012 and I was drawn by the title of this book.


I highly recommend this book if you are planning or already own a design business. Here is what you can expect to learn from this book :


– How to choose client wisely
– How to price your work
– What to include in your contract
– How to present your work
– How David Airey market himself online
– Tips on launching your online presence
– This list can go as long as a fire host…


As I flip through this book, I find the type of paper on this book is different from any other book I’ve read. It’s heavier but if you prefer a lighter version, you can always get the kindle edition in amazon.


I love how the book spine is designed, simple and bold. Not only contain lots of useful information, I think it is a nice looking collection as well.


For the best result, I recommend you to read this book with a pen, notebook and not forget your favourite tea. Just be careful don’t give the book a “tea shower”.


Careless me.


As I finished the first chapter, I find the way David write is easy to understand even English is my third language. So I don’t think you need any Oxford Dictionary by your side.


Other than that, this book contain lots of personal experience shared by well known graphic designer such as Ivan Chermayeff, Chris Spooner, Khoi Vinh, Shauna Haider, Andrew Kelsall and many more. (Another list can go as long as a fire host.)


I’ve read dozens of blog post, books, inspiring stories about how successful business people get started but most advice doesn’t seems to fit in design business. So I was left scattered around looking for answer. This book came out just in time as I am now planning to go solo.


I think we are very lucky to have David Airey. Well, I don’t know how long but I believe he burn a lot of midnight oil writing, collecting and interviewing other graphic designer to share their experience and compile it into a book.


After a couple of days I’ve finished reading this book, I’ve leave a review in Amazon and receive a thanks email from David Airey personally. That email just made up my Friday morning.


We had a bit of chat in that email conversation and I ask David,


“What mindset do you think is important for people who want to start or own a successful business?”


And he guide me to his book on page 5 where he wrote


” Be curious.


One of humanity’s greatest strengths is the desire to question. How does that work? Where did it come from? Why does it work that way? When was it invented? By questioning everything, we keep our minds active. Think of it as training — our minds are like muscles, and the more active they are, the stronger they become. The stronger they are, the greater the advantage you’ll have over other design business owners.”


I agree on what David said. Without realising that curiosity played a big role in my career as a graphic designer.


So that’s my personal thought on David Airey’s latest book, Work for Money, Design for Love. Get this book in Amazon now while it’s hot!


Oh, one last thing, you are going to love this. David have a free chapter for you.


Now back to you. If you already get your hands on this book, let me know what do you think in the comment box below.


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And one more thing I want to say is only purchase the book I recommend if you think it’s going to help you. I don’t want you to waste money on the things you don’t need.