Brand Identity Design Portfolio

Welcome to my portfolio page. Here are a few brand identity example that I’ve work on before. Make sure you click through the link below each picture for more details on each project.

Leobroco Accounting

Click here for more details about Leobroco Accounting

 Celtic Hotel


Click here for more details about Celtic Hotel brand identity.

First Mark Consultancy

First Mark is a consultancy company that involves in various sector such as Training & Development for organizations, Publishing for schools, Exhibitions for colleges and universities in schools.

I have this idea to use a superscript on the logo to symbolize the top-notch service that they provide.

Vibe Fitness

Vibe Fitness Clubs is a fitness center that needs a logo that suits their preferred demographic.

Prestige Star Auto Logo Redesign (Before and After)

prestige before-01

Click here for more details

Story Painter


Click here for more details about Story Painter Brand Identity

My Brand Identity


Click here for more details about my brand identity

Falc Aviation


Click here for more details for Falc Aviation

Young Wolves

logo5Click here for more details for Young Wolves

Whiteroom Creative


Click here for more details for Whiteroom Creative


Sambal’s is a local company that sells spice chili paste. The font used on this logo is much toward casual first impression to give the right first impression.

Wong & Sim Dental Surgery

Wong & Sim Dental Surgery need a logo that gives the first impression of professional and trust.

A funky and colorful logo is not recommended for this situation.

In A Pink Of Health

Junior Engineering Hub

Junior Engineering Hub is a child care center. The bright color is used to capture the fun side of the child care.

Titans Golf

Titans Golf is a golf ball company that needs a logo with high visibility to improve its brand recognition as most of their logo will be seen on a golf ball.

So a bold logotype is preferred on this company.

Sticks & Stones Ice Cream

Sticks & Stones is an ice cream company that needs a logo that caught the attention of a younger customer profile.

Unggas Sanctuary

Unggas Sanctuary is a chicken farming company that needs a logo to introduce their upcoming chicken product.

Thanks for viewing my portfolio. If you need a brand identity, why not head to this page for more details about working with me.

P/S : More portfolio will be added soon…

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