Celtic Hotel Brand Identity

I’ve been travelling to London for a one day trip during Easter break. What I didn’t expect is that I missed my last train.


A lot of hotel has been fully booked on that day but thanks to Johnny and the staff in Hotel Celtic for allowing Szemun (my girlfriend) and me to stay a night in a single room. Otherwise Szemun and me would sleep on the street in a very cold weather.


So I want to appreciate their help with this brand identity I did for them.



Celtic Hotel is a very friendly and welcoming hotel located in central London. The European decoration in Celtic Hotel allowing us to stay there comfortably.


The visual identity I’ve done for Celtic Hotel is clean and elegant that suits the environment in the hotel.


As you can see the doorknob is incorporated in the logo suggesting a welcoming metaphor. As you look properly there is a hidden “C” formed in the negative space of the doorknob symbolizing the initial of “Celtic”.







celtic hotel logo

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