Story Painter Brand Identity

My girlfriend love teaching kids how to draw. She have been teaching since the age of 16 but the hectic college life stopped her from carry on doing the things she love.


After she graduate, she decided to get back on again. So we have come out a name for her drawing class as Story Painter. We really like the name as that name translate what girlfriend want to achieve, seeing kids draw their daily life.


Not just developing the kids skill on drawing or painting, but also inspire them to fill in inspiring colours and stroke on a white paper base on their daily interesting story. We believe everyone have their own story to tell.


We want to create a happy and comfortable environment for the kids, so we have been thinking to incorporate colorful, sticker or rounded corner shape as part of the brand identity.


As you can see the uneven customized yellow typeface on the logo is suggesting cheerful along side with a purple background shape that can easily turn this logo into a sticker.





Checkout the drawings below done by 11 years old Harry.







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