The silhouette guy on the NBA logo is Jerry West. He is regarded as one of the greatest guards in the NBA history. With his deadly jump shot, skills and passion on basketball, he is the third player that scored more than 25000 points, average 27 points per game.   One of his famous shot, […]

The iconic Chicago Bulls logo is a red bull’s face with an angry expression with the horns tipped with blood. Theodore “Ted” W.Drake, is the designer for the Chicago Bulls emblem. He is an American cartoonist, graphic artist, and sports artist for his two iconic creations, the Notre Dame Leprechaun and the Chicago Bulls logo. […]

Xerox Logo Evolution

Have you seen the very first Xerox logo before? In the early days, Xerox was founded in 1906 as The Haloid Photographic Company, manufactured photographic paper and equipment. The name was changed to “Haloid Xerox” in 1958 followed by “Xerox” in 1961. Haloid logo in 1906 The Haloid Company Logo in 1937 Xerox logo in […]

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