Nike Logo Only Cost $35, Don’t Believe Me? Read This…


I never knew what is the story behind of Nike logo until recently I read through an article related to this popular “swoosh” logo. Interesting!

Now you must be wonder how much does this logo cost? Who is the designer behind this logo?


This logo is actually designed by Carolyn Davidson, who is a student in  Portland State University, and the cost for the logo is just $35! Surprised?



Phil Knight


Phil Knight is the founder for Nike, or they called it “Blue Ribbon Sports” on that time. Nike logo was born in 1971 when Davidson presented a few options of design to Knight and other executives and they selected the well now has known globally as the Swoosh.


Phil was not satisfied with the logo that Davidson presented and being forced to choose one of the logo as he is dealing with deadline. He said “I don’t love it, but I think it will grow on me”.


In return of gratitude, Knight gave Davidson a gold Swoosh ring and an envelop filled with Nike stock in 1983. Now, it becomes globally well known logo.

 What is Does Nike Means?

Nike-logo-Goddes-VictoryThe Goddess of Victory, Nike, in Louvre Museum


The name Nike, actually is a name of a Winged Goddess of victory in Greek mythology. Nike is a goddess of strength, speed and victory.


Nike was daughter of Pallas a Titan and Styx a Naiad, but his mother Styx supported Zeus in the Titan war and brought her four children Nike(victory), Bia(force), Cratos(strength) and Zelus(Rivalry) to help Zeus.


During the war, Nike comforted Zeus and helped regain his strength and strike back. Nike was also attributed as the goddess of the strength and triumph, that is why Davidson use Nike to incorporate with the logo.


Nike logo is an abstract mark from the wing of Nike and Nike, I mean the company name, is named after the Goddess of Victory.


A simple logo with full of history. Converting history to a logo is not an easy task. You’ve done a great job Davidson!