Do You Know Who Designed Gucci Logo?


 Gucci Founder, Guccio Gucci


Gucci or House of Gucci was founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921 in Florence. The simple and elegant design of Gucci logo, featured overlapping  “G” letters was designed by one of his six children in 1933.



The two “G” symbolize two stirrups as Guccio Gucci used to sell horse accessories with his father in Italy. I think the combination letter of “G” work well together created an elegant and classic logo design.

The shape of the logo could easily apply onto any application. The curve, contrast and spaces between the letter spacing really bring out the information of the brand. Lets move on with some story of Gucci.

The Beginning of Gucci

Guccio Gucci left Florence in Italy in 1898 and went to Paris and London, working in an exclusive hotel. He was impressed by the guest bringing elegant and luxurious luggage bag.

In 1905, he returned to Florence, Italy and start selling saddles and saddlebags. After the success of selling saddles and saddlebags, he opens up his own shop in 1920 selling fine leather goods with classic styling.

In 1932, Gucci created the iconic ornamented loafer where the collection can be only found in Museum of Modern Art in New York.

In 1938, together with his son, Aldo, Vasco, and Rodolfo, Gucci expanded his company in Milan and Rome then introduced the bamboo handle handbag by the process of heating and molding in 1947.



 The bamboo handle handbag


Gucci remanded as one of the premier luxury goods in the world until the late 1970s, when family problems occurred that nearly lead the company to bankruptcy.

However, they manage to make a come back after Aldo developed the Gucci Accessories Collection. Now, only left Maurizio, son of Rodolfo fighting for the company after the rest of the family left the company.

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