The Secret of Fedex Logo That You Don’t Know


Who designed Fedex Logo? What is the secret behind this logo?


Fedex emblem is actually designed by Mr. Lindon Leader in 1994 as a Senior Design Director at Landor Associates, San Fransisco. Fedex was actually called as Federal Express in 1971.


In order to renew the brand strategy, Lindon CEO, Fred Smith has changed the name from Federel Express to Fedex.


Fred has set the 2 requirements to as a guideline to design this new logo.


“1), If you come back and tell me our colors need to be pink and green just give me very good reason to do it and


2),  If I’m standing on a street corner, I need to see a FedEx truck from five blocks away.”


This mean the team has to come out with a very impact logo that can create hype for people to recognize the logo.


This logo was finally born when Lindon presented the logo in a meeting with Fred and his executive team and Fred is the only executive spotted the hidden arrow right away.


The Hidden arrow

Have you noticed the hidden arrow in Fedex Logo? The arrow was formed between the words “e” and “x”.


(Can you spot the arrow between the “E” and “X”)


With this unique arrow, Fedex emblem has won more than 40 worldwide awards and still continues. WOW! Madness.


Besides, Rolling Stone Magazine ranked Fedex emblem was one of the 8 best logos over the past 35 years.


The other 7 was, Apple, Coca-cola, Nike, IBM, Starbucks, McDonalds and Playboy logo. The arrow symbolizes the speed and accuracy service of the company.

The First Fedex Emblem


Richard Runyon designed the first Fedex emblem in 1973. It was called Federal Express instead of Fedex on that time.


Have you spot the arrow yet on the new Fedex emblem? Let me know in the comment box below.