The Amazing Secret in Toblerone Logo, Keep Reading


Is that a bear on Toblerone logo? Look closely. I am surprise when I find out there is hidden bear in that logo. On the first glance I look at it, all I can see is just a normal mountain.


But one day, curiosity drives me to take a closer look on the logo after I read an article about the hidden bear in the logo. The hidden bear in the Matterhorn symbolized the town of its origin. Such amazing logo design.

The First Toblerone Emblem


The name Toblerone was named after the italian word for honey(Tobler) and almond nougat(Torrone). This name was registered in Switzerland in 1909, on that time, the logo started as an eagle instead of the hidden bear.


The bear was introduced when they launch the semi sweet bar. In 1920, the eagle logo in toblerone packaging replaced by the bear. But the bear is not “hidden” yet as you can see below.


This chocolate is nice to eat but also hard to eat. It is so hard for me to snap the chocolate “peaks” from the bar with my bare finger. While I am living in a very hot country, the chocolate often melt on my fingers.


I hate the way it melt on my fingers but I love the way it melt on my tongue. The  shape of Toblerone chocolate packaging makes them stands out from other competitor when with the unique shape of chocolate.


This makes the consumer noticed this brand quickly. It was believed that the shape of the chocolate inspired by the shape of Matterhorn in  Swiss Alps.


To push the popularity of Toblerone, Theodore Toble aware the importance of advertising.



Toblerone advertising poster


Today, Toblerone remains as the most famous chocolate in the world. Toblerone is available is more than 110 countries. Now, Toblerone is celebrating 100 years of success.