The Secret Behind Roxy Logo


Did you notice Roxy logo is actually adopted by the logo of Quicksilver? The logo is actually formed by combining two of Quicksilver logo and forming a shape of heart.



Quicksliver Logo


The heart shape give the logo a feminine touch that captures the essence of the brand and also reflected the information of the brand. The colors of the logo with white and light blue enhance the feminine touch of the logo.


The font of the logo is simple with a slight italic make the logo look active. This logo contains the element of softness, strong and attractive since Roxy to incorporate with the brand that selling women sportswear especially in surf and snow category.


Roxy was born in 1990 and it is brand that launches by Quicksilver and Roxy logo was born three years after. This brand has grown a large company for young women. Roxy provide sportswear, women’s snowboards, clothing and accessories including: jewelry, bags, backpacks, footwear, perfume, books, and so on.


The popularity of Roxy was stable and keep hiking after a few sponsorship including Lisa Andersen – 4X World Champion(surfing), Sofia Mulanovich – 2004 ASP World Champion, Sally Fitzgibbons – 2007 ISA and ASP Junior World Champion; fastest surfer, man or woman, to qualify for the ASP World Tour, Jen Smith – 2007& 2009 Longboard World Champion, Laura Enever 2008 ISA World Junior Champion; 2009 ASP World Junior Champion, Torah Bright – Olympic snowboarder; 2007 World Champion; 2007 X-Game Superpipe Gold Medalist and 2010 Olympic Gold Medalist, Sarah Burke – 2X X-Games Freeski Superpipe Gold Medalist and Kjersti Buaas – Olympic snowboarder.

Where is the Name “Roxy” Came From?

One of the reason the name of the brand Roxy was named because the name of the daughters of both CEO Bob McKnight and founder Alan Green(Quicksilver founder). Today Roxy gained the popularity and still expanding.

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