Do You Know Who Created the First Adidas Logo? You Will Be Surprised

Adidas-logo-adi-dasslerAdi Dassler, founder of Adidas


In 1936 Summer Olympic, that was the first time Adi Dassler, who created adidas logo, the 3-stripes mark, also a founder of adidas,  sponsored his footwear to US sprinter, Jesse Owens.

Adi Dassler shoes gained good reputation after Owen won four gold medals. By the end of World War II, Dassler business went hiking selling 200, 00 pairs of shoes each year.

The 3-stripes mark is an epic symbol created by the company founder, Adi Dassler, and first used on footwear in 1949. This symbol has become an easy recognition when his footwear was used in athletic competition with the slogan “The Brand with the 3 Stripes.”

 The Trefoil Logo


Kathe and Adi Dassler have to seek for a new logo for the adidas brand after adidas expanded into the leisure and apparel sector in late 60s. Inspired by the 3-stripes, the Trefoil was born in August 1971. For the first time this logo was used on product in 1972, and become the company corporate symbol later on.

The Three Stripes Adidas-logo-performance1

The three stripes Adidas logo was designed by Creative Director Peter Moore in 1990, and being used on the performance product. The shape of the three stripes formed a mountain, also pointing out the challenge and the goals that can be achieved.

 Adidas New Corporate Logo in 1988Adidas-logo-adidas-salomon1

After the merge of adidas and Salomon in August 1988, they introduced a new corporate logo. The two colors of the previous group, blue for adidas, red for Salomon was combined to form the logo. The space between the shapes form a shape of a person raising the hand for victories. This logo only apply on all Adidas-Salomon corporate document only.

In July 2002, adidas-Salomon introduced a new business strategy for adidas brand, introducing the new three approach, “Sport Performance,” “Sport Heritage” and “Sport Style.”

The responsibility for adidas Sport Performance division is concentrating on sports performance market, and also design for apparel, encouraging consumers to wear the product on or off field.

Adidas Sport Heritage is responsible to merge the unique and authentic heritage to today market lifestyle. Adidas Sport Heritage logo would be only use on heritage products including, Stan smith, Rod Laver,A-15 Warm up, Classic T-Shirt and so on.

Adidas sport Style is more specific on the design of the product combining with the vision and mission of the brand. The designer behind this exclusive collection Yohji Yamamoto, says “For me, this is an interesting and exciting new project on many levels and, I always wanted my clothes to be accessible to and desired by a greater number of people, and I feel that it will be possible for me to achieve this through this new line.”


Adidas Sport Style division logo

The Sport Heritage and Sport Style division were merge in 2007 and become a single Sport Style division. The logo of the two division were remain available on particular product.


The corporate went through some changes again in October 2005 after the divestiture of Salomon. The new logo for Adidas Group was born in April 2006. The traditional logotype was apply on the logo creates a strengthening image and impression for the Group. Its clean, simple, confident and shows leadership.

After the change of the new corporate logo, a new logo was produced to incorporate with Sport Performance and Sport Style division.

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