How to Choose a Good Online Graphic Designer

Are you getting frustrated looking for a good designer online? Do you feel insecure to work with a graphic designer online?


Just like the first time I bought a Topman jeans online. It scare the heck out of me. It feels so insecure to buy something online just by clicking the mouse.


So does working with a graphic designer online. You just wonder are they for real? Or they are heading to Hawaii for 7 days vacation after receiving your deposit?  You don’t really see them. All you see is a profile picture in their about page. What’s hiding behind them? You don’t know.


So how you are going to determine that designer is the designer you are looking for? Here are the 6 tips on looking for a good graphic designer online.



Are they providing these basic details such as…


  • Contact number
  • Address
  • Skype
  • Phone Number
  • Email address


Normally, they will give you their office/home address, email or corresponding email after you contacted them. If they hesitate to give you their contact details, think twice, as they might take your deposit to 7 days Hawaii trip.



Checkout the Portfolio

Check out their portfolio! This shows that the experience they have by looking at their previous project.


Each designer has a different style of artwork. You might stumble a designer with a very clean and minimal portfolio, or a designer who likes to play with lots of color.


You don’t go for the designer with a colourful portfolio if you want a clean design for your project. It’s like asking a sushi chef to cook spaghetti for you.



Do some comparison before making your final decision. Find a few designer and compare their portfolio just like you did in grocery shop.


They Ask, and Ask and…. Ask…

Designer usually will send you a list of question once you agree to work with them. That purpose of the questionnaire is to know more about your project. This questionnaire often help them to come with idea that is connected to your project.


It’s a red flag if a designer go straight to working mode without asking any question.


You can download the example of the basic questionnaire I’ve been using for my client.


Price That is Too Low

Price is so low and you think you found a good bargain? Remember this, you get what you pay for.


Unless that designer is doing a pro-bono for your project. Designer usually go for pro-bono with the a few reason, these are two of them


  • To get more portfolio
  • To get more contact


I recommend you to check out their portfolio first before working with them even they are doing it for free.


You also want to avoid fancy package that look so good to be true provided by some crowdsource company especially logo and web design such as these below.




How Much a Project Cost?

I can’t really give you specific answer on the pricing of the project. Each project comes with different requirement.


Designer will figure out the price of your project through analysing the questionnaire you send to them.


Where to Find Talented Graphic Designer?

Don’t just rely on google search. I realise many crowdsource company have dominate the first page of google search.


Go to the place where most designer hang out such as abduzeedo, creattica, dribbleawwwards, sortfolio, elance, Freelance Switch, Behance, or even me (a thick skin guy trying to promote himself in this post).


It’s Your Turn

Are you still struggling to find a graphic designer to work on your project? Tell me what project you want to be done (logo design, brand identity design, corporate design, web design … etc) in the comment box below. I try my best to recommend you some of the best designer I know.