The First Subway Logo and the 17 Years Old Founder


Have you seen the first Subway logo before? Above is the first Subway logo designed in 1968. Before this logo was born, the first Subway was called Pete’s Super Submarine in 1965. When their third outlet was born in 1968, they change their name from Pete’s Super Submarine to Subway. This logo is use from 1968 to 2002.




Subway first store with the name Pete’s Super Submarines

Subway Emblem Redesign


In 2002, Subway emblem went through a design changes. The black color background was taken away form the logo and the word “Subway” was replaced by an sans serif italic font.


You can download this font here for free. The “eat fresh” slogan was added in the logo.


The slogan was born to explain how their product is freshly baked using fresh ingredient in front of their customer. This slogan was form with Helvetica Neue Black typeface.


Did you know…

The first Subway begins when the founder Fred DeLuca, was looking for solution to pay his university fees. He then met his family friend Dr. Pete Buck. Pete suggests him to open a submarine sandwich shop.


With a $1000 from Pete, Fred opened his first sandwich shop in 1965 and called Pete’s Super Submarines. Do you know how old is Fred when he opened his first sandwich shop? He was only 17! I am wondering what am I doing on that age.


They aim for having 32 stores in 10 years, but realizing they could not reach their goal in time they decided to franchise Subway. Today, Subway was ranked No.3 as “Fastest Growing Franchise” and No.1 “Global Franchise”.


Besides, Subway was the most popular Fast-Food Restaurant in the United States of America. In July 2011, Subway can be seen in 98 countries with 34 751 restaurant worldwide.