How To Become a Better Graphic Designer in 6 Simple Steps

In fact, it is not hard at all if you want to be a better designer. A simple tweak in your daily habits can have a lot of impact on you.


Reduce a teaspoon of sugar in your tea may sounds nothing, but in a year, that’s going to save you from diabetes.


Look After Your Health

The reason being health is on the top list is because health is really, VERY IMPORTANT from designer to your grandmother. Yes, everyone.


You don’t want to be “the top creative designer with a Mac in the hospital” don’t you? How you getting out your full potential when you are sick?


Start eating healthy and do some exercise. Lets start with lifting your iMac shall we?


how to become a better graphic designer

Golden Ratio Healthy Lifestyle Graph


The 24/7 Sketch Book

Inspiration come from anywhere anytime. Always bring a sketchbook with you like you bring your iphone around. Jot down everything that inspire you even the idea is not applicable in your current project.


Who know it can be a perfect idea in your upcoming project.


Read News

From politics in America to Britney Spears nip slip. Read anything and everything in the news. Know things happen around the world. Then start a small project  yourself and do something related to the news.


Look at how Jacob Cass from Just Creative designed a logo as a tribute to those who effected by Japan massive 8.9-magnitude quake. People start to use this logo as profile picture to show their support.


He then officially share the image for people to use as they wish. And what makes me so proud of him that his humble act has raised USD$13,000+ via SecondLife.


You got no money from anyone for doing that but at least, you bring value to the society.  Not only you will become a better designer, you are a RESPECTED designer.


Groom Yourself

I am not forcing you to spend 1 hour every morning wearing a make up like girl. You don’t know when the hot chick/dude next door might knock on the door and need a poster design from you.


Take care of your appearance and leave a good impression. People feel comfortable interact with you. Go for smart casual look if full suit look too formal in your office.


Steal Like an Artist

I’ve read a book from Austin Kleon, Steal like an Artist. I think this a must have book for every designers. This book inspire me to steal my neighbor’s socks…


Just kidding.


What this book is trying to express is there is no originality in every artwork we created. We all steal from bits of here and there and combine it become our artwork. It’s a good read though.


“The only I’ll ever study is stuff that I can steal from” – David Bowie


Pencil First

I find this traditional method is very useful to me. It think it’s going to work for you as well. I use to start everything with a piece of blank paper and my favorite 2 inches long pencil. I find digital limit my idea to flow.


Done reading? I would like to invite you to share your own thoughts on the comment box below. Feel free to add on any tips that you think can help us to be a better designer.