The Story Behind TOMS Shoes Logo

Few months ago, my mum was diagnosed cancer and I am busy taking care of her. Thank god she is doing fine after the cancer was removed.


I was reading this book “Start Something That Matters” by Blake Mycoskie while waiting my mum to finish her chemotherapy session. This book mentions how Blake Mycoskie started TOMS.




TOMS is a shoes company that will give a pair of shoe to a person in need with every product you purchase.  I am sure you heard that before or even own one of the shoe.

After reading the first chapter, I flip back to the front cover and take a look at TOMS Shoes logo again and I realise the logo have a very strong connection with how Blake started TOMS.


In 2006, Blake decided to took some time off travel to Argentina and got used to wear their national shoes, alpargata. Towards the end of the trip, he met an American woman who was volunteering with a small group of people to collect shoes from donors and gave it to the kids in need.


She explained that many kids don’t have shoes even in some well develop country like Argentina. Bare feet could exposed to wide range of diseases.


Blake spend a few more days travelling village to village witnessing the shoeless poverty.


He want to help them, collecting shoes for donors did comes with sufficient quantities but they are not often in correct sizes.


His first thought was start his own shoe base charity, instead of  asking for shoe donation, he would ask his family and friends to donate the money to buy the right shoes for them. But what if his personal contact dry up? He need constant and reliable flow.


This is where the idea of TOMS becomes a solution. A profit business that help provide shoes for the children.


I am not sure who designed TOMS Shoes logo and after reading the book, I love how TOMS logo connect with the story.



I thought TOMS was named after the founder’s name, in fact TOMS is a shorten from “”Tomorrow’s Shoes”. You can get this book in Amazon. If you are starting a business, this book is a must have.


P/S : Just want to let you know the link above is an affiliate link. It help me to earn a few more extra money to buy my next reading list 🙂 I will keep you updated with new books I’ve read.