Vibe Fitness Clubs

Hello Scott, please note that this page can be only view by the link given in the email.


As you mention earlier, Vibe Fitness Clubs provide various fitness class and weight training. So this makes me think that having a “human icon” or “barbell icon” doesn’t really reflect the fitness club.


So, I’ve figure out to use the initial of “V” and “F” to form the icon.


I’ve tried to incorporate the circle into the logo as it gives a sense of community.


As for color wise, I’ve combine red, yellow and black for the first option and red orange and block for the second option.


Both color combination compliment well with the interior color.


I’ve test the logo in black and white to make sure the shape of the logo still stand out and recognisable even without color.


This will helps you in two area.


1. Your potential customer can still recognise the logo when you advertise in various media in black and white.


2. You can use the black logo in receptionist/signboard if you find the logo is too colorful to compliment the interior design.


Lets have a look.

Option 1

As you can see below, the negative space form the word “f”.

vibe-fitness-club-logo vibe-fitness-club-logo2 vibe-fitness-club-logo3 vibe-fitness-club-logo4 vibe-fitness-club-logo5 vibe-fitness-club-logo6

Option 2

vibe-fitness-club-logo1a vibe-fitness-club-logo2a vibe-fitness-club-logo3a vibe-fitness-club-logo4a vibe-fitness-club-logo5a vibe-fitness-club-logo6aLet me know which option that you prefer and let me know what you think in the email.