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Hello, it’s good to see you here. As for the logo for this marathon, I’ve been thinking of many visual possibility that can be achieved.


One of the idea is not only making this an urban logo, but to be apply in different media. Often, an award medal is one of the most memorable gift on a marathon. So I’ve been thinking  how can I create a logo that can be made as a medal as well.




Have a look at the option below.


Option 1

As you can see in this logo, it is well proportioned and the round shape of this logo can be easily made into a medal.

marathon logo-1

Option 2

As for this logo, I tried to break a bit of rules as you can see the polygonal shape of the is slightly slant to the right and this give a dynamic movement of moving forward.

marathon logo-2


As for this poster theme is Run to Me, I’ve been thinking of including the posture of a participant when they are crossing the finishing line. This is hard to choose as different hand gesture give a different meaning. Some hand gesture look more like a “victory” than a “run to me”.

(The victory hand gesture)


So I’ve carefully chosen a open wide hand gesture of a participant crossing the finishing line as a symbol of “Run to Me.”


I’ve come out with two option where you can have a look below.


Option 1


Option 2


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