Tytrex Design concept

**This is a private page that can only be seen by you through the link I gave you in the email**


Hello Wei Wen, good to see you here. As discussed in the previous meeting, I’ve been thinking to incorporate a swiss style design into your project as it is clean and simple.


This are some example of swiss design that I’ve taken from the internet.


They have a very distinct typeface and grid system. I am going to use that as part of your project. As you want your future application to look more consistence, the typeface and the graphic element that you see below will part of your future application.

graphic2 graphic-3 graphic4 graphic1 graphic5

This ring shape design is actually inspire from Tytrex logo.


With the combination of the swiss style grid system, typeface and the ring shape graphic element this will give your future application a consistence look.


This can be implement in the brochure and flyer as well.


Let me know if we should proceed with the project that you mention. I will guide you through the next step.