The Coach – Youth Futsal Challenge Application

Hello, it’s good to see you here. I’ve done the design for both poster and logo design for this project.


We will start with the logo. Have a look below.

Logo Option 1

This logo is inspired by the tactical strategy diagram as shown below. Each dots symbolise both players and coach.

futsal logo-03soccer-tactic-diagramm


Logo Option 2

This logo comes with a strong shape on the words “The Coach”.

futsal logo-02Logo Option 3

I’ve added a ball in the middle of the logo to bring out the fun side of the event.

futsal logo1-04



Poster 1

I’ve been using texture and shape to make this poster to give a grunge and tough effect. As to bring out the connection between the coach and the players, I’ve chosen image of them celebrating after scoring a goal.


Poster 2

Poster-Frame-Mockup2 poster2


Let me know if you have any question.