Matterhorn Logo

Hello Jack, this is a private page that only can be viewed from the link that I gave you in the email.


I have seen the color palette that you send it to me in the email and I think I have a better Idea to use only 4 colors. The color that I’ve been using is Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black which also stands for CMYK.


CMYK is the main color that uses in the printer to print out thousands of different colors. That is why I think the four color is the best color to represent this logo.


I am using a very thick and sans serif typography to align with Matterhorn brand position so it will give a professional look and feel to your customer.


Let’s take a look at the first option of the logo.


Option 1

There are a lot more details on the mountain on this logo just like the one you had shown me in the email.

matterhorn logo option-01

Option  2

As you can see here I am using a simplified version of mountain in this option

matterhorn logo option-02

Option 3

I try to make the logo more abstract with using a thick line to form the shape with the gradient color so it looks much more more sophisticated.

matterhorn logo option-03

Let me know which option that you prefer then we can make the changes from there.