Leobroco Logo

Hello Jia Jien, please note that this page can be only view by the link given in the email.


As you mention earlier, Leobroco is a tax and accounting company and trying to change the image of the services to be delivered through cloud system.


As your company could have a strong online presence in the future, I have been thinking that you need an icon along side as part of the logo so you can easily implement this icon as your social media profile picture in the future.


I have to make sure the icon are still visible when it scaled down so this icon is suitable when it placed in various marketing material.


Besides, I can see a potential that you could implement this cloud service as mobile app in the future. This is one more reason to add on that you need an icon that is visible in small size.


I have decided to play around with the initial “L”  instead of abstract mark as icon because abstract icon is very common in account industries.


Lets have a look at the logo option below.


Option 1

Accounting and tax service sometimes can be complicated and require a lot of concentration to make sure every single cents is counted properly. Like an architecture, if you missed 0.2cm and you have to redo the whole thing.


Forming the”L” word by using a “one stroke line technique” to suggest the precision service of the company. (you can actually try to form L yourself by connecting the dot below)

mock up-01 Black and Whitemock up-02

Visibility in Small Scale

mock up-03

Icon to use in social media profile

mock up-04

Color wheel

mock up-05

3d Mock up

mock up-06 mock up-07 Connect the dotmock up-15

Option 2

There are actually two “L” hidden in this logo. I’ve am using a positive and negative space technique to form the “L”.  The double “L” suggest the connection and a team of the founder and his brothers to build this company.


I will reveal the double “L” in the hidden logo later in this article.

mock up2-08 Black and Whitemock up2-09

Visibility in Small Scale

mock up2-10

Icon to use in Social Media Profile

mock up2-11

Color Pallette

mock up2-12

3D Mock up

mock up2-13 mock up2-14 mock up2-16

Can you spot the “L”?


Let me know which option that you prefer then I will guide you through the next step.