In a Pink Of Health Logo

Hello Jack, this is a private page that only can be viewed from the link that I gave you in the email.


As you can see here the color that I’ve been using is green and pink which is a rare color combination due to its color blocking nature. But due to the white space on the logo, I manage to combine the color smoothly on the logo.


The color also suits the overall brand positioning that symbolise healthy, energetic and nature.


Let’s take a look at the first option of the logo.

Option 1

I have tried to make the “N” in the words Pinky just like the vector that you send it to me in the email however, I realise the “N” the icon that form the words “N” will not look very visible if the logo gets in smaller size.


What I have done here is to add a natural touch on the words “N” where I added a leave on the word “N” giving a nature and healthy living brand positioning.


logo design-02

Black and Whitelogo design-03

Visibility in Smaller Scale logo design-04

Possible Social Media Profile Picturelogo design-05

Possible Graphicslogo design-06

Option 2

This option I have chosen a more playful font on the logo to bring out the nature and healthy living brand positioning.



Black and Whitelogo-design8

Visibility in Smaller Scalelogo-design9

Possible Social Media Profile Picturelogo-design10

Possible Graphicslogo-design11

Option 3

In this option, I have tried using a more daring font to form the logo.



Black and Whitelogo-design13

Visibility in Smaller Scalelogo-design14

Possible Social Media Profile Picture

Possible Graphicslogo-design16

Le me know which option that you prefer then we can make changes from that options.