First Mark Logo Option (updates)

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Hello Vicknesh, it’s good to see you here. I’ve update the logo as you mention in the email. Have a look below.


Option 1

 I like what you suggest here, to make the thickness of the word “mark” same as “first”. I think it does looks good if we make it the same thickness here.


As for color wise, both looks good on one color and two color. however I believe the two tone color logo stand out more if you compare with your competitor.

logo concept3-08 logo concept3-09

Option 2

I like this option. I have this idea to use a superscript on a logo a few years ago but couldn’t find the right project to apply this idea. But luckily this time I am able to touch on a project that this idea can be applied perfectly.


Here is the option for the one tone and two tone color.

logo concept3-10 logo concept3-11


I think both option suits your company well and it’s a bit hard to choose here. I think it depends on how you want people to define your company and how you want to grow your company in future.


If you are planning to only provide services for IT project in the future, I suggest you to take option 1 logo. If you want to provide services to a variety range of industry, option 2 logo is definitely a great option.


Hope this helps!





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